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HP ElectroInk

HP ElectroInk advantages

Edge sharpness. Viewed at high magnification, HP ElectroInk clearly forms sharper images compared to xerographic dry toners) and even offset lithographic dots. Dot gain and color consistency. HP Indigo digital presses can vary the dot gain to allow the consistent, precise control of the exposed dot size and optical density.
Image gloss. Similar to offset inks, HP ElectroInk images match the gloss of the underlying substrate, from rough to dull to high gloss. The HP ElectroInk layer is only about one micron thick and accentuates the media’s characteristics by following the “hills and valleys” of the substrate surface rather than filling them in.

Instant image drying. HP ElectroInk solidifies as soon as it transfers to the substrate, so the finished print emerges dry and can be finished immediately.

Light fastness. The encapsulation of the pigment
sub-particles in HP ElectroInk helps prevent oxidization and the effects of relative humidity. The color durability of the printed images, including light fastness, equals and often exceeds conventional offset inks.

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