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Solution 3 Graphics



  • Convert all image data from RGB to CMYK. For best results we recommend an area coverage of 95% for black and a total area coverage of 340%. Save the data as follows:
    • MAC & PC images as TIFF or EPS
    • Do NOT use MAC images in EPS–DCS
    • When scanning submit only in TIFF or EPS.

  • If QuarkXPress pages are saved as EPS data and placed in another document, please send the QuarkXPress pages and all the data which are required for this page.
  • Enclose the original FreeHand document if you have imported graphics from FreeHand.
  • Scan line images with 900 dpi or higher.
    This will ensure optimal quality.
  • For better quality set a scan resolution of
    300 dpi for half-tone (grayscale) images.
  • Only import your scans into a layout program in 100% or lower zoom values. Enlargements may impair quality.
  • Turn, scale and trim all images before you import them into your document.
  • Set the image frame background color, if
    possible, to white with 0% black in QuarkXPress.
  • Do not save any preferences information in your Photoshop document.

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