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How does the DI compare to digital presses like Indigo or Xeikon?

Actually, the two technologies complement one another. Electrophotographic printers, such as Indigo or Xeikon products, provide good copier quality, imaging up to 500 impressions, at a cost of $.70 to $1.70 per sheet. With both of these technologies, whether you’re printing one or 500 pieces, the cost is constant. It makes true production-oriented printing beyond 200-300 copies uneconomical, however, when compared to the DI.

From a technology standpoint, all are PostScript printing devices. That’s where the simi-larities end, however. The Indigo and Xeikon are electronic printers, or xerographic devices. An electronic charge is applied to a sheet of paper and either dry or liquid toner particles are polarized (oppositely charged) so the toner adheres to the sheet.

The DI takes advantage of an entirely different technology known as dry lithography, or waterless printing. From a marketing standpoint, the DI and electronic printers, even color copiers, address the quick turnaround, short-run, four-color process printing market. When you’re looking at a run of from 250 to 10,000, however, the DI offers the highest-quality, most COST-EFFECTIVE solution on the market today.

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